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Along with our journey we’ve had regular people – recreation athletes or simply folks who valued fitness, follow a long our training sessions at one or more of our companies. These athletes enjoyed the general fitness aspects of the programming, but often came to a road block when the programming turned sport specific.

We’ve received requests to create programming just for general fitness, hence; Ultimate Physique.

“Ultimate Physique” really points to the ultimate goal of the programming we’ve designed for all of our athletes, and is the perfect name for our new company focused on general fitness.


  • High Relative Strength By “Relative Strength” we mean strength per bodyweight. This isn’t a power lifting regime focused on how much you can lift. Not a bodybuilding program designed to make you look good. Our strength training is designed to get you as strong as possible without significant weight gain AND look good.
  • Rapid Movement Over Ground Sprinting, mid-distance running, hiking uphill under load. We want to get you faster.
  • High Work Capacity for Short/Intense Events We want to replace the pokey V-4 engine in your chest with a high horsepower, V-8.
  • Durability It’s hard to stay fit and enjoy outside the gym sports and recreation when you’re hurt. We use strength training, core strength training and focused mobility work to keep you, our athletes healthy.


  • Strength Focus. The best thing we can do for our athletes is make them stronger. Strength is the foundation of performance and durability.
  • Nothing is random. Randomness only works for so long. Our training sessions are periodized and programmed. This is a professional strength and conditioning program.
  • Variety We use Periodization to concurrently train strength, work capacity, stamina and endurance, but with cyclic emphasis. For the athlete, this means enough programming focus to see improvement in one fitness attribute, but not so much things get stale. You’ll stay challenged and engaged.
  • Constant improvement. Our programming today is much different then 12 months ago, and will be different again 12 months from now. The more we program, the more we learn, and that increased knowledge is continually folded into training programming and training session design.
  • We test the programming first. We test our programming cycles in our facility and individual training sessions before publishing them. We don’t publish and “hope” – we know it works first.